We are here to share value through sharing our experiences while investing.

There is a great deal of quotes and cliches that have happened over time in business from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. We want to create our own version of these two worlds.

Our background is a hodgepodge of everything that has been popular and profitable in recent years.

Getting To Know Us

You will get to know our team and us over the next few years, but to give you a bulleted background of short details of where we have been, here is our list of passions and occupations:

  • Skateboarders
    • Then we enjoyed Surfing
  • Motocrossers
  • Photographers
  • Media Cataloging Software Company founder
  • Boutique full-service marketing agency owner
  • Start-up Entrepreneurs
  • Skateboard Team Manager
  • SaaS Developer
  • Lifestyle Brand Owners

It should be noted that we still have old-man skate night at the Vans park in Orange, Ca. We still get in the water to Surf at least once a week (we are lucky to be in Southern California currently), and we make time to exercise in more traditional ways begrudgingly.

So now we are taking all of that and applying it to the "old world" way of making money...investing :)

"Create Value To Capture Value."

Neil Alonzo and Deville Nunes of Fort Brox

The Next Step

The launch of Fort Brox is the next phase of the journey.

We have always operated as ballers on a budget and when given big budgets in our professional careers, we have been fortunate more often than not with our results.

Fort Brox is primarily a holding company for our endeavors, and as we continue to grow during this portion of our professional lives, we have learned that the best thing we can do is to "Create Value To Capture Value."

Moreover, while we create value, we need to share value.

Join us for the next steps.