Create Value To Capture Value is our brand compass at Fort Brox.

Every new initiative we review and consider starts with asking each other "How does this create value?"

Creating Value

We will be sharing specific examples, taking a more in-dept look into ways value has been created in the past and discover new ways others are creating value.

All of the posts tagged with Creating Value will be our journal on how we perceive value can be created, how you can capture it, and ways it inspires us.

We will be looking at everything from side-projects, small business, corporations, individuals, VCs and everything in between. To peel back the layers of what might have been intended or happy mistakes for those who created value for others.

Share Value

One of the greatest lessons we have learned over the years is to share the value created.

By capturing value, it comes back full-circle when you share more.

That may seem cryptic now, but over the course of our ongoing posts about Creating Value, we will show how everything can tie together.