September 2017 Meetup was the third "Real Estate Investing Haves & Wants, Problems & Solutions" and saw the changes we have made to our format work very well.

The group is continuously growing, and we are almost 100 members on Meetup ✊

Topics Overheard And Discussed This Month

Below is a summary of what we heard being talked about and what others were asking questions.

If you attended and wanted more information,

Notes, Notes, and more Notes

The difference between non-performing and performing for those who were new to investing was a key topic discussed.

For those who were in attendance, we all shared knowledge as it related to the differences between and the different ways to invest and learn more.

Getting Creative

There was healthy discussion across single family, multi-family, and commercial real estate investing. Mores o, there was how to get "creative" with ways to invest. Whether on a smaller budget or managing a hedgefund. Such as the Master Lease link to a Bigger Pockets post.

New & Experienced

The Meetup this month enjoyed a wide range of real estate investors. Those looking to learn, as young as 17 and mature attendees.

The group was anchored by attendees who came with many years of real estate investing, from flippers to commercial real estate operators.

Please Do Your Due Diligence Disclaimer

We recommend to always do your due diligence on those you may want to work with. We have created this Meetup to share knowledge and opportunities, we are not CPAs or Lawyers and as such use your best judgment and look into the background of those you are considering working with.

How The Meetup Works

At each Meetup, attendees sign in on an iPad to share if they...

"Have" something that may be of interest to a group of Real Estate Investors. Such as:

  • Do you have a Note
  • A property listing
  • Property under contract
  • Tax Liens
  • and more
  • These are examples of Haves

"Want" something that other people interested in Real Estate may have. Such as:

  • Looking to Joint Venture with someone
  • Find a property
  • Recommendations with new Technology
  • and more
  • These are examples of Wants

"Problems" is there a desire for more information or options with obstacles you are facing that others who invest in Real Estate may be able to help. Such as:

  • Experiences with Airbnb Rentals
  • Learning about a specific area of Real Estate Investing
  • Finding service providers
  • and more...
  • These are examples of Problems
  • "Solutions" to the Problems we want to help you find with either our resources or better yet, other attendees to the Meetup.

At 9:00 am we invite those who want to stand-up and openly share what their "Have," "Want," or "Problem" they're looking for a solution with.

After the Meetup, we send out an email exclusively for those who attend (or have attended an event before) to share each of these areas of interest with each other's contact information if the attendee chooses to share their email.

We hope by doing this, it helps make post-Meetup more productive and of value.

Next Months Meetup

We have our Meetups on the first Saturday of each month at The Library A Coffee House 3418 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803 from 8:00 am - 10:00 am PST.

You can RSVP for next months Meetup here, and we would love it if you brought another person who is interested in Real Estate Investing to share and learn from one another.

We look forward to meeting new people and seeing our new friends again!