November 2017 Meetup was the fifth "Real Estate Investing Haves & Wants, Problems & Solutions" and it was a smaller group, but showed how we can create more value to share with others.

Topics Overheard And Discussed This Month

Below is a summary of what we heard being talked about and what others were asking questions.

If you attended and wanted more information,

The BRRRR Method

  • Buy
  • Rehab
  • Rent
  • Refinance
  • Repeat

A deeper look into this method is explained here on this website.

Books To Read

If you're interested in Real Estate investing, chances are pretty certain you have a few books that have helped inform, inspire, and elevate your aspirations within this space.

Books that were discussed:

  • Zero To One
    • Great for creative approach to any business.
  • Weekend Millionaire
    • A little cheesy, but very good for people new to real estate investing. It make it more attainable.
  • Never Split The Difference
    • Learn how to negotiate like a FBI lead.
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
    • One of the, if not thee book that gets a lot of people into real estate investing.

You can get these books on our Amazon page here.

Sharing More Value

How can we create more value to share? That is what a big takeaway following this months meetup was.

Next Months Meetup Update and Topics

Given the upcoming holidays, we're going to try out 9:00 AM as a start time for December Meetup.

You can RSVP for next months Meetup here, and we would love it if you brought another person who is interested in Real Estate Investing to share and learn from one another.

Topics at December Meetup:

  • Creative financing
  • Good books to read (based on what you're looking to learn)
  • How to find deals

See you next month!