Airbnb was the lead topic this month. With so much going on during the summer, Airbnb is a great topic for those who are seasoned and those looking to get started with one.

Our second topic was Lead Generation and how to begin creating a system to build leads for whatever your purpose in real estate investing.

Our last topic was about Airtable. This Software As A Solution has become a great go-to for us. We have provided more details and templates for you to add to your Airtable library freely.

At the start of each Meetup, we offer a "Have's and Want's" for attendees. Please check your email recap for a downloadable list of what attendees offered.

Please Do Your Due Diligence Disclaimer

We recommend to always do your due diligence on those you may want to work with. We have created this Meetup to share knowledge and opportunities, we are not CPAs or Lawyers and as such use your best judgment and look into the background of those you are considering working with.


We spoke about;

  1. Know why you want to
  2. Existing property or a new one
  3. Registering with Airbnb
  4. More than just Airbnb (HomeAway)
  5. AirDNA
  6. Be very Agile
  7. Upfront costs
  8. Ongoing costs
  9. You are a hotel operator
  10. Dogs of guests
  11. Neighbors
  12. Be generous
  13. Management companies
  14. ROI
  15. Exit strategies

Lead Generation

We touched on;

  • Digital
  • Pay per click
  • Promoted content
  • Active engagement on platforms
  • Door knocking
  • Networking
  • Events
  • Intros “what brought you here today?”
  • more

Airtable Templates

Below you will find some templates we use to help you get started using Airtable.

Rehab Tracker - Airtable Base Template

Property Interest - Airtable Base Template

You can find more templates by going to Airtables template gallery.

Next Months Meetup Agenda

We will be going through these topics;

  • Deal profiles on three different deals
    • Single family
    • Multi-family
    • Mobile home
  • Getting into wholesale
  • Bigger Pockets book review of "Finding and Funding Great Deals"

You can see more on Meetup.

We look forward to seeing you all there!