Passive investing sounds great doesn't it?

You get the opportunity to make your money work for you. Real estate investing is one solution to creating passive investments.

During our November 2018 Meetup the group talked about many options that are now available to everyone with real estate and creating passive investments.

Below is a list of links to explore companies that are offering ways for people to start putting their money to work.

We do not endorse or recommend any of the links below, this is purely for your information and to do your due diligence.

At the start of each Meetup, we offer a "Have's and Want's" for attendees. Please check your email recap for a downloadable list of what attendees offered.

Please Do Your Due Diligence Disclaimer

We recommend to always do your due diligence on those you may want to work with on a deal. We have created this Meetup to share knowledge and opportunities, and we are do not endorse attendee sand as such use your best judgment and look into the background of those you are considering working with.

Next Months Meetup Agenda

We will be going through what we learned in 2018 and what to look for to in 2019 with real estate investing.
You can find details about our December on Meetup.
We look forward to seeing you all there!