About Us

We believe in cryptocurrency, but the reason why is important.

Length Of Time


What we are doing in crypto is a long play.

Sure, we've been cowboys before and participated in the windfall of DOGE at times, but by no means recommend doing that.

Our primary focus is in letting time work it's magic. Patient and cautiously optimistic.

We love cryptocurrency more for the technology. Utility is at the heart of crypto's potential.

Yes. Unbankable countries and how crypto can decentralize the distribution of benefits that currency offers are solid reasons to support value. But...

Our real passion for crypto comes in the form of Utility.

The technology behind crypto is so far from being realized and once it does, then the true value of crypto will emerge.

We believe it is the early nineties all over again and AOL just came out.

Crypto is about community. We want to play a role in helping to grow everyone's interest in crypto.

Going back to the Unbankable countries or people who are looking to create long-term assets for themselves and their families.

Community is what will drive the adoption, scale, and critical mass use of the currencies and the technology behind it. It is our belief that community thrives with reciprocity.

We take our role with mining as just one facet of the value we offer to others. We want to help educate and be a part of the adoption of benefits with cryptocurrency and the technology.

It is no secret. The wins in crypto can be huge, they can also be an immense loss. That is why we play the long game.

We need to have a model that can monetize to realize the Utility benefits and crypto offers the potential to generate short and long term gains.

We are of the belief crypto can offer a generational shift of wealth.

Personally, we started in 2014.

In the summer of 2014 we tried mining bitcoin. (lowercase is the currency).

It was at a time when mining bitcoin was getting very hard, but we were bitten by the bug.

Ever since we have been acquiring crypto we saw value in and appreciated the utility the technology was creating.

During the pandemic we built our own mining rigs and started looking at ways to scale our operation. The model we discovered came from muses with affordable housing and empowering a larger part of the population to acquire long-term performing assets.

The reciprocity of our model is not just a crafty way of explaining our motivations, it is what our brand compass is derived from.
Road Map

Creating value.

The way we created our value proposition was motivation to be reciprocal and move forward as a community of like-minded persons interested in what cryptocurrency and the technology can become.

(A little cheesy maybe) But, It is our belief that when you share value with others, that is how you create real value for the future.