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Ethereum ETH and Ravencoin RVN mining options with Fort Brox.
More Coins Will Be Available September 2022

Value Proposition

Become a Card Partner.
How it works.

We wanted to create a reciprocal way to work with the community of those who want to mine crypto.

Step One
We add the graphics cards (GPUs) to our mining rigs.

You become a Card Partner.

Choose how many cards you want placed within our mining rigs.

You buy the graphics cards through us.

Each rig can hold Twelve (12) GPUs.

As a Card Partner, each GPU is given an NFT specifically for each card to serve as proof of ownership.
Step Two
We secure and manage the rig.
Your graphics cards are kept in our secure location, connected to power, and running efficiently.

We manage the mining, maintenance, and updates.

Currently we are using commercial electricity, but we will be moving towards alternative options in the future.
Step Three
Every Monday you receive a deposit
We send out your weekly mining amounts directly to your crypto wallet.

We can suggest options for wallets.

Currently Ravencoin (RVN) goes out weekly.

A cloud based spreadsheet is updated weekly for your records for any and all reporting needs you may have.
Yeah, but how much does that cost?

You choose the number of cards to place in our rigs, 
$795 per card is the current price. Includes shipping, tax, warranty, and one-time set-up fee.

We split 50/50 of what is mined each week as our fee to use your graphics cards.

You chip-in $0 per GPU, per month for utilities.
Yep, we are removing Utility Chip-In Fee's, but we do have options if you want more percentage of the split.

*Purchase incentives for 12+ cards*

Weekly reporting + Card NFTs

We offer transparency with our weekly, monthly, and annual spreadsheet reports.

In addition, each GPU is issued one NFT to validate the specifics of your assets.
Weekly crypto mining reporting and card NFTs from Fort BroxWeekly reporting of your crypto mining.The transparency of deposits, mining amounts, and wallet details.
Secure your profile and mining deposits with Fort BroxSecure and flexible operation for mining easy.

Secure and flexible

All of our rigs are kept in a secure location. We are accountable for the safe operation 24/7.

You have flexibility to switch cards to mine different crypto when available and the ability to add more cards when we have slots available.


How soon do I receive enough crypto to match the graphics card spend?

Please understand, the cryptocurrency market space is HIGHLY VOLATILE.

We can not guarantee or place a specific timeframe. For example, maybe we mine a coin, then within a 24 hour period the value of the coin shoots the moon only to drop below what coin was trading at 24 hours earlier.

Graphics Card (GPU) pricing changes frequently due to the market demand.

We like cryptocurrency and the technology behind it as a long-term play.

How long do the graphic cards last?

We have graphics cards (GPUs) that have lasted seven years that are still mining. But that is not a guarantee.

We will say, that if a card goes down within one (1) year, we will replace it at no cost to you.

Mining with graphics cards is hard on the GPU, plain and simple.

We currently mine primarily with Nvidia 3060s. (We are able to build rigs with other cards, but one rig has to have all of the same cards).

What about gas fee's?

Gas Fee's are a moving target and we are always seeking ways to reduce.

Will you mine other coins?

Of course.

Currently we mine, in no particular order, here is our updated list;
$RVN = Ravencoin
$AE = Aeternity
$BEAM = Beam
$FLUX = Flux
$ERG = Ergo
$SERO = SuperZeroProtocol

We are looking at other Proof-of-Work currencies we can mine. We are also looking at other ways to mine and expand our offerings.

As a card partner you will know once we expand our mining to other coins.

Is Ethereum an option?

Ethereum is no longer an option.

We are staying up-to-date with Ethereum PoW, but we are not currently mining the alt coin.

As a card partner, can you advise me on my crypto portfolio?


We will share what we like and what we are doing with our crypto portfolio to be open and transparent.

For example we are currently fans of Harmony One, VeChain, Toko, Solana, EOS, and a few others.

Can you help me setup my wallets?

Cryptocurrency is in such an early phase. Part of our value proposition to you as a card partner, is to help onboard you as much as we can without being a broker, financial advisor or wealth manager.

We are developing and will be releasing a steady stream of helpful content for card partners to find the information they are looking for during all facets of the learning curve.

Does crypto really make money?

We believe in crypto.

Having said that, please know we are NOT FINANCIAL ADVISORS, BROKERS, or WEALTH MANAGERS.

We have had some good fortune and know many others who have.

To truly understand our position and belief in crypto, read through our About Us.

How much do you mine each week?

The numbers are a moving target, as the market shifts and the crypto itself may have changes.

Example. Ravencoin mining was halved once everyone started switching over from Ethereum, when ETH 2.0 updates were announced in September of 2021. One rig was performing at 7,000+ of RVN mined, the next. 3,500+ RVN. Nothing about our system changed.

Keep in mind, all of these changes are mostly for the good.

How do I start mining?

Please sign-up for our waitlist and as soon as we have slots for more graphics cards available we will contact you.

Where are you mining farms located?

Our current farm is located in Southern California. The exact address is kept private for obvious reasons.

Is there a contract?

When you sign up to be a card partner, we finalize all details with our Card Partner lease agreement.

The agreement has a five year requirement.

After the five years you can have your graphics cards sent to you or you can keep them in a rig.

What about taxes?

Currently cryptocurrency is treated as an asset.

Please connect with your CPA or EA for formal advice on the capital gains when you liquidate, the long term capital gains reduction of tax, and how you catalog what crypto you move around and acquire.

How long does it take to receive my first wallet deposit?

Six (6) weeks after we receive payment in full you will start receiving your wallet deposits every Monday.

When payment is received we will confirm with a hard date on your first deposit.

Are there volume incentives for purchases?

If you are wanting to setup a full rig of Twelve (12) cards, each rig pointed at one crypto for mining, we offer benefits.

Card Partner Purchase Incentives.

12+ GPUs = 5% Discount

120+ GPUs = 8% Discount

How can I get more than 50% of the split?

Fort Brox utilizes a portion of the split to liquidate what is mined to p[ay for Utility overhead. Such as HVAC, Internet, and power ;)

But, if you want more percentage of the split we offer these options.

Card Partner Split Incentives.

10% More of the Split = 60% Card Partner / 40% Fort Brox
$150 per GPU one-time cost for the life of the GPU.

20% More of the Split = 70% Card Partner / 30% Fort Brox
$300 per GPU one-time cost for the life of the GPU.

*Discounts do not apply to volume of Card Partner Split Incentives. Example = You purchase 24 GPUs with a 5% discount and want to add the 20% Incentive Split to all 24 GPUs. The total cost of 24 GPUs X $300 each would not include the 5% discount of the 24 GPUs purchased.

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