Hollywood Animator & Artist Talks About Sold Out NFTs

Hollywood Animator & Artist Talks About Sold Out NFTs

We had the great pleasure of speaking with Angie Jones. Angie shares her amazing story of being an accomplished professional animator in a male dominated industry, while growing as an Artist. Angie's first foray into NFTs with Saatchi Art resulted in being a part of a sold out NFT drop. Angie is awesome!

Just have a look at her bio below.

Angie Jones Bio

Angie Jones is an American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Her work addresses the influence of technology on our shared brain circuitry. Angie spent two decades working in visual effects and animation for motion pictures and uses painting, video, and sculpture to study how technology invades our lives. She deconstructs the work using faceted surfaces (like low polygon video game art) to create something new from something old and make it new again.

In the end, she maintains one foot in the past and another in the future and calls into question how we perceive art and images by tracing a loop historically through representation, technology, and science.

Angie uses technical, digital, and traditional methods incorporating conceptual practice. She holds 25+ years of experience in Visual Effects and Animation, working as an Animation Supervisor and Animator for studios such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, Cinesite, Disney, and feature franchises like Stuart Little, Xmen, Pan's Labyrinth & The Smurfs.

Before this, she dedicated her time working in Video Games like Red Dead Redemption, Oddworld Abe's Exoddus, and Dino Crises. Her experiences working in Visual Effects, Video Games, and Animation inspires the "peak shift" palette, faceted surface, and idiosyncratic portrayal of personality through paint, video, animation, and sculpture.
In 2021, inspired by Beeple, the artist, and the increased visibility of Bitcoin and NFTS, Angie explored new spaces for artists through blockchain. Saatchi Art curators encouraged Angie to participate in her first NFT drop with the "The Other Avatars" project.  "The Other Avatars" is a collection of 2,523 individual works of art created by 154 artists. Each artist made at least 10 unique avatars and a maximum of 20 for the project.

The collection of avatars sold out in less than 20 minutes! Angie tokenized her small edition of 15 avatars on the Ethereum blockchain @OpenSea in June 2022s.

Angie is currently working on a new drop for Spring 2022, consisting of "one of one" masterworks and new PFP collections, all conceived from entire lore, world, and metaverse. 

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In This Episode We Talk About

  • How Angie started in animation and her awesome track record
  • How Angie went to school for fine arts
  • Finding Angie's style of art
  • Saatchi Art approaching and working with Angie on their and her first NFTs
  • The process and learning curve of NFTs
  • The possibilities of NFTs and web3
  • What Angie is working on next

and so much more!

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Schools Angie teaches at online:

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Angie was a professor for 7 years at https://animation.usc.edu/

The company Angie used to greenify my NFTS (carbon removal) is Nori




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Spreadsheet Angie found online breaking down the different marketplaces

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