Let's Talk About Companies Investing In Blockchain and Crypto

Let's Talk About Companies Investing In Blockchain and Crypto

The signal we have long paid the most attention to is Adoption.

We discuss some of the companies investing in Blockchain and Crypto.

Not just money, but a lot of time has been spent. This is not an accident and indicates a long future for the tech, in our opinion.

Links Mentioned In Episode

  • Alphabet, Samsung among 40 Big Companies Investing in Blockchain, Study Finds
  • Ethereum Road Map link to website
  • Fidelity crypto website link
  • Disney Accelerator program link
  • Disney 2022 Accelerator announcement link
  • Dragonchain website link
  • Onyx by JP Morgan website link
  • Adobe Content Credentials website link
  • Adobe Identity and provenance for NFTs website link
  • Top 30 Crypto VC Investment Funds link to website
  • Web3 Is Going Great website link
  • Bob Iger Interview on New York Times, Sway with Kara Swisher episode link
  • Talos website link
  • YouTuber mentioned during podcast, talking about Ethereum


(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:21) Introduction

(00:03:07) Disclosures

(00:03:28) Merge banter

(00:04:45) Companies investing in blockchain and crypto lead-in

(00:06:14) Understanding motivations

(00:09:23) Adobe

(00:13:48) List of companies

(00:18:37) JP Morgan

(00:19:55) Understanding context

(00:22:19) Fidelity

(00:23:26) Adoption signal and questions about decentralization

(00:27:53) Disney

(00:29:23) The long road ahead, potentially 

(00:33:17) The sheer volume of companies and VCs

(00:34:18) Time not just money is being spent

(00:34:35) Innovation takes time and challenges

(00:36:58) What would you do with 1 Billion dollars

(00:38:15) Gaming in blockchain and crypto

(00:40:28) Security, privacy, and accountability 

(00:44:04) Intermediaries and more

(00:45:11) Back to adoption

(00:47:56) In closing

More links and references coming soon

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