Let's Talk About Ethereum The Merge

Let's Talk About Ethereum The Merge

The long awaited and highly anticipated Ethereum update dubbed "The Merge" is getting ready to happen.

But what exactly is "The Merge"?

What are misconceptions about it?

What is going to happen?

All of the details about "The Merge" can lead you down a rabbit-hole of comprehensive information and more likely than not, debate.

In this podcast episode, we want to highlight the overall scope of the upcoming update to Ethereum.

For our full list of follow-ups and sources mentioned in this episode, please see our show notes. There are a lot of links to sourced information and recommendations to dive into more technical details.

Links Mentioned In Episode

In no particular order

  • Ethereum Blog
  • The Merge on Ethereum.org Link
  • Anthony Pompliano's Tweet about Node hosting
  • How I Built This episode with Troy Carter Link
  • Ethereum 2.0 staking: A beginner's guide on how to stake ETH
  • Ethereum Vision (Road Map) A digital future on a global scale
  • How The Merge impacts ETH supply
  • Miners Eye Ethereum Classic Activity as Merge Nears
  • Validator FAQs
  • 70% of Ethereum Nodes Are Hosted on Centralized Services
  • Ethereum Fork ETHW Plummets 62% Just Weeks Before Merge
  • What to Expect on Coinbase and Other Crypto Exchanges During the Ethereum Merge
  • Tornado Cash Fallout: Can Ethereum Be Censored?
  • Can Ethereum PoW and ETC Resolve the Ethereum Miners’ Dilemma
  • Ethereum Slumps 5% as Merge Surge Falters
  • Ethereum Proof-of-work Fork Proposal is “a Retail Trap,” Researchers Say
  • Coinbase Preps for the Merge, Warns Users of Interruptions
  • Justin Sun’s Plot to Divide Ethereum Off to Rocky Start
  • What Does Ethereum’s Transition to Proof of Stake Mean for Polygon?
  • Ethereum Proof-of-Work Forks: Gift or Grift?
  • Find an Ethereum Bug Before the Merge? You Could Earn a $1M Reward
  • The Ethereum Merge Has an Official Kick-Off Date
  • What Could Happen to the Ether Price Following The Merge?
  • Coinbase Will Consider Listing Ethereum Forks Following Merge
  • Justin Drake on How The Merge Helps Make Ethereum the Settlement Layer of the Internet
  • Around The Block Ep 30 - The Merge with the Ethereum Foundation's Justin Drake
  • Coinbase Ethereum Merge Info Page


(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:21) Intro and Disclosures

(00:01:33) What to expect in this podcast episode

(00:02:34) Misconception. ETH is turning into ETH2, No.

(00:03:45) What is The Merge?

(00:05:38) Context of our Point-of-View

(00:08:57) Misconceptions of The Merge by Ethereum.org

(00:18:48) Why The Merge?

(00:21:19) When is The Merge happening

(00:23:07) Ethereum moving forward

(00:25:17) The humanity side of crypto

(00:26:53) Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake

(00:34:58) What will happen to mining after The Merge

(00:38:40) Difficulty and after The Merge

(00:41:45) How are people reacting to The Merge

(00:46:45) What is going to happen?

(00:47:57) In Closing

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