Let's Talk About DAOs

Let's Talk About DAOs

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are under fire right now.

The latest CFTC enforcements and unclear road map are the reason we are talking about DAOs in this episode.

We are cautiously optimistic that DAOs will eventually find the right governance practices to receive a critical mass of adoption.

Fort Brox Crypto Podcast Episode 20


(00:00:00) Intro song

(00:00:21) Show intro 

(00:01:09) Disclosures 

(00:01:22) Jumping into some DAO banter

(00:02:40) Let's talk about DAOs. What is a DAO

(00:03:37) But there is more to DAOs than at first glance

(00:04:42) Show outline

(00:05:55) Getting back into what a DAO is

(00:06:29) Why talk about DAOs today

(00:07:20) Ooki DAO CFTC issues

(00:10:35) How decentralized are DAOs

(00:16:54) Enforcement only

(00:18:17) Creating independence

(00:21:57) Tangent on Elon and Twitter

(00:25:26) Bringing it back to DAOs 

(00:27:50) Maker DAO

(00:30:29) Educating yourself with DAOs

(00:31:35) What are some examples of DAOs

(00:36:44) How do you create a DAO

(00:39:35) DAOs are challenging like music was with NWA

(00:43:29) Going very blue sky with DAOs

(00:47:20) What is the future of DAOs

(00:50:47) What if Nike created a DAO for a sneaker

(00:53:46) What to watch out for with DAOs

(00:55:46) In closing

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Hosts: Neil Alonzo and Brandon Heath

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