Let's Talk About NFTs

Let's Talk About NFTs

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) have become uber popular due to artists and creatives selling jpg art. But there is so much more to NFTs than what is being talked about.

We take a deeper dive in what NFTs could grow up to be, once the technology is leveraged and realized to their full potential.

Fort Brox Crypto Podcast Episode 21


(00:00:00) Welcome

(00:00:20) Show Intro

(00:01:44) Disclosures

(00:03:17) What we are talking about in todays episode

(00:03:59) What is an NFT

(00:05:48) Why so much hype on NFTs

(00:06:54) NFTs as a certificate of title

(00:08:42) Why talk about NFTs today

(00:13:53) What is the current status of NFTs

(00:16:34) Apple's new NFT policy

(00:27:13) A little NFT history

(00:28:13) Adoption started with creatives

(00:31:05) NFT Marketplaces

(00:31:47) NFT Tech

(00:34:55) NFT value, rights, royalties 

(00:42:04) What is the future of NFTs

(00:52:40) DMV story

(00:58:26) In closing

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Hosts: Neil Alonzo and Brandon Heath

Original music by The Celebrators

Produced by Vocal Visual and Wizard Cats

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