Let's Talk About Polygon $MATIC

Let's Talk About Polygon $MATIC

Polygon has consistently been in the headlines of crypto, blockchain, and future web So we decided to chop it up and have some conversation about Polygon.

Fort Brox Crypto Podcast Episode 24

Links referenced in episode

  • Story about person who invested 84k to gain polygon Link
  • MATIC Trader Turns $80K Into $4 Million as Polygon Ends Month Up 50%
  • Ethereum's Buterin Proposes 'Stealth Addresses' to Enhance Privacy Protections
  • Starbucks Brewing Revolutionary Web3 Experience for its Starbucks Rewards Members
  • Starbucks Sees 'Unprecedented Interest' as Polygon NFT Rewards Platform Launches
  • Starbucks Polygon NFTs Are Already Selling for Thousands
  • Polygon will invest $100M in projects that use its Supernets blockchain
  • Polygon dApps Hit a Record High of 7000 As MATIC Struggles at $1.6
  • Luna Crash Link
  • CoinmarketCap Polygon
  • Meta to Let Users Mint and Sell Polygon-Powered NFTs on Instagram
  • Hamilton Lane’s $2.1 Billion Fund Opens to Individual Investors On Polygon Via Securitize
  • Wayne Huizenga Waste Management Wikipedia Link


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:22) Intro banter

(00:02:24) Disclosures

(00:02:37) Show details

(00:03:57) One success story

(00:08:05) Tangent on Celsius

(00:09:12) Brining it back to Matic

(00:09:42) Starbucks Odyssey

(00:13:48) Polygon is accepted into Disney Accelerator

(00:15:01) More Polygon headlines

(00:15:36) Polygon Layer 2

(00:20:37) Polygon Tokenomics

(00:24:51) Market thoughts

(00:26:40) OpenSea sales

(00:28:30) Tokenized Fund on Polygon

(00:30:00) Going protocol

(00:32:25) Polygon wrap-ups

(00:34:14) In closing)

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