Discovery Engines for web3. Ideas & Concepts

Discovery Engines for web3. Ideas & Concepts

How can creators actually benefit from web3?

What can be built to harness the power of Word-of-Mouth?

We explore some Ideas & Concepts that we have...these are very "Blue Sky" in ideation and not yet real, but they could be.


(00:00:00) Intro song

(00:00:21) Introduction

(00:01:28) Disclosures

(00:02:11) What is NOTa Discovery Engine

(00:03:07) What is a Discovery Engine

(00:04:26) Spotify example

(00:09:02) Potential use cases and the benefits of

(00:11:15) Amazon AMP and the return of the radio DJ, maybe

(00:12:34) How do you discover new artists 

(00:16:26) Music is free to create with but respect the creators through logic based governance

(00:19:50) Monetization models

(00:20:33) How do you decentralize Discovery Engines

(00:21:23) Music opportunities 

(00:25:02) Limited by creativity

(00:26:41) The work ahead is immense

(00:29:36) Creators are more than just influencers

(00:30:55) Monetize human opinion

(00:33:28) Combination of tech to deliver real results

(00:34:51) No more stars just real recommendations

(00:37:20) Just need to build it

(00:38:02) Where does the ownership of influence reside

(00:38:46) Disruption needs to evolve into Context

(00:41:03) Hosting platforms

(00:43:47) In closing

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Hosts: Neil Alonzo and Brandon Heath

Original music by The Celebrators

Produced by Vocal Visual and Wizard Cats

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