Learning About Crypto

Learning About Crypto

We can appreciate how much of a challenge learning new subjects can be. In the case of learning about crypto, the task can be daunting.

For this podcast episode we share the places we have gone to learn about the technology and fine print associated with cryptocurrency.

By no means is this an "end-all be-all" of crypto learning information. But a starting point...who knows, we may be working on something more. To help put learning about crypto into layman's terms.

For our full list of follow-ups and sources mentioned in this episode, please see our show notes.

Links Mentioned In The Episode

  • Coinmarketcap Link to website
  • Binance acquires Coinmarketcap Link
  • Coinbase Link to website
  • Binance.Us Link to website
  • KuCoin Link to website
  • FTX Link to website
  • Crypto.com Link to website
  • Bankless Link to podcast
  • Recode Link to podcasts
  • Audible Link to Crypto Books available
  • Hoopla Link to website
  • The Age of Cryptocurrency Link to book options
  • Decrypt.co Link to website
  • Coindesk Link to website
  • Blockworks.co Link to website
  • Theblock Link to website
  • Cointelegraph Link to website
  • Reddit Link to Crypto forum
  • A16Z Link to website
  • Gemini cryptopedia Link to website
  • Erin and Sara Foster with Katie Haun Link to podcast episode
  • Netflix rug pull documentary Link to doc.
  • Lumis / Gillibrand Bill Link


(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:21) Introduction to Show

(00:01:21) Intro Banter

(00:02:14) Disclosures

(00:03:26) Show Notes Info

(00:04:02) Coinmarketcap

(00:04:44) Podcast Mentions

(00:06:13) Back to Coinmarketcap

(00:10:38) Exchanges and Their Great Learning Resources

(00:19:42) Podcasts We Like

(00:22:38) Books

(00:25:55) Websites We Like For Crypto Info

(00:48:03) In Closing

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